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    NHMC Welcomes Policy Counsel, Francella Ochillo

    francella headshotFrancella Ochillo is a new addition to the DC policy team. She is committed to the fight for fair access to communications services and ensuring that communities of color have equal representation in the media. 

    Francella brings a unique combination of litigation and community activism experience to NHMC. At the Department of Justice, she worked on securities fraud investigation teams, prosecuting banks for corporate misconduct under the False Claims Act and Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act. Meanwhile, she maintains her commitment community engagement in various roles at the YMCA, a non-profit devoted to strengthening communities. 

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    NHMC’s 2017 Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Begins!

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    This week the NHMC began its second annual Latino Scriptwriters Intensive, previously named the television graduate writers program. The program was created in 2016 after Univision and NHMC announced a partnership to develop programs designed to increase diversity in media and technology, where Latinos are still severely underrepresented. The program takes place once a year and the participants are hand selected from the group of 130 alumni who have previously completed NHMC’s Television Writers Program. Over the span of six weeks the participants will complete a pilot that can be used to help them get staffed on a show, get representation or even pitch to production companies and networks.

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    What Does Chairman Pai Mean for Lifeline?

    Lifeline significantly strengthens many facets of our society by providing low-income families with access to affordable communications services. The program’s recent modernization to include broadband internet access could not have come at a more critical time. By helping low-income Americans get online, we advance a number of societal goals—such as ensuring that kids can complete their homework, accessing efficient healthcare, getting people back to work, and maintaining public safety. By providing eligible participants with a modest subsidy, Lifeline can help bridge the digital divide and ensure that Americans living on the margins can connect to these critical services when they fall on hard economic times.

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    NHMC Welcomes Eduardo Osorio as its Spring 2017 Univision Policy Fellow

    NHMC recently welcomed Eduardo Osorio, a second year law student from UC Davis School of Law, as its Spring 2017 Univision Policy Fellow. The paid fellowship program, housed at NHMC, allows one law student per semester to learn about media and telecommunications policy issues from a civil rights and public interest perspective.

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    Spring Television Featuring Latinos

    The spring television season is upon us and NHMC wants to take this time to highlight all the Latinos who will be returning or making their first appearance this spring. Latinos can be seen on some of this spring’s biggest shows prominently feature Latino talent including Scandal, Riverdale, 24: Legacy, Fear The Walking Dead, and One Day at A Time.

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    Pew Releases New Stats on Internet Usage

    Earlier this month, the Pew Research Center released a new fact sheet detailing changes in Americans’ broadband and internet use since 2000. NHMC was not shocked by Pew’s research findings – specifically that “racial minorities…and those with lower levels of education and income are less likely to have broadband service at home.” Adults without a high school diploma were the least likely to access home broadband at a rate of 34%, whereas 91% of college graduates possessed home broadband. These facts illustrate the importance of NHMC’s advocacy work and continued support for programs that help bridge the digital divide that disproportionally impacts Latinos.

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    NHMC’s Carmen Scurato on WashingTECH Podcast

    On January 24, 2017, Carmen Scurato, director, policy & legal affairs appeared as a guest on Joe Miller’s WashingTECH Podcast to discuss the prospects of the FCC’s Lifeline program under the new administration.

    In the podcast, Carmen provides an overview of the Lifeline program, and explains how the expansion of the program to include broadband will help bridge the digital divide that disproportionately impacts Latinos and other people of color.

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    Why One Day at a Time is the most important show on TV

    I want to start this article with a small disclaimer. I’m not writing this because One Day at a Time is a show about Latinos, or because it stars one of the greatest performers of the last 100 years in Rita Moreno. I’m writing this because One Day at a Time is incredibly well done, funny, and is one of the most important shows on television.