NHMC Goes Purple on #SpiritDay to Support LGBT Youth

nhmc_purple (1)Today NHMC is proud to support #SpiritDay, the annual day to stand against anti-LGBT bullying by wearing purple and going purple online.

Studies from the last few years have shown that Latinos lead the way in terms of support for LGBT issues in this country. But all communities have a long way before we can really say that our LGBT family members are fully accepted, respected and included; as evidenced by the fact that 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and of those, 26% are Latino. In other words, homeless youth are disproportionately LGBT, and homeless LGBT youth are disproportionately Latino.


By going purple, LGBT youth will see a visible sign of solidarity everywhere: in the classroom, the congregation, on television, and the internet.

Today you too can take action on social media, if you haven’t already. Turn your Facebook and Twitter profile photos purple by using the resources provided by GLAAD: www.glaad.org/spiritday.


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