• President Obama took a stand for net neutrality

    Obama Stands with Millions of Americans for Internet Equality. What’s Next?

    After millions spoke out, President Obama yesterday took a stand in a statement and accompanying video for strong net neutrality rules that would protect the level playing field that we have all come to expect on the Internet.

    Truly, network neutrality is one of the foremost civil rights issues in the digital age. For Latinos and other historically disadvantaged Americans, the Open Internet is vital for an increasingly large array of reasons, including telling their own stories in light of a mainstream media that excludes these communities or portrays them in a stereotypical manner.

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    Closing the Latino Education Divide: Equal Access to Affordable Internet

    This first appeared in Spanish on

    computer-accessNow that the back to school season has come to a close, those of us with kids and grandkids are sighing with relief. Does it seem to anyone else that the school supply checklists seem to be growing every year? Necessary items include backpacks, pencils, erasers, and even tissues, paper, and crayons to help our children navigate school smoothly and function efficiently in the classroom.

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    Welcome Maya Burchette, NHMC’s Fall 2014 Legal Intern

    grad4NHMC recently welcomed Maya Burchette, a Tulane University Law School student in her final year, as our Fall 2014 Legal Intern.

    Read more about NHMC’s policy work here.

    Maya is originally from Denver, Colorado and is the proud product of a Mexican- American and African-American biracial family.

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    Take Action! Join the National #InternetSlowdown on September 10

    avatar-white-redAllowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to discriminate would come at a high cost, as history has shown that if diverse and dissenting voices can be blocked, they will be. If the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t adopt real Net Neutrality protections, the Internet will be subject to the profit-driven whims of the large corporations that control the pipes, harming our free speech, activism, civic participation, education and livelihoods.