• Protests in Murrieta, California

    The Way We Are Perceived Is How We Will Be Treated

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    Protests in Murrieta, California

    Immigrants’ rights advocates in Murrieta, California

    Have you ever wondered why, despite overwhelming support, immigration reform still hasn’t been passed? Or why anti-immigrant laws that permit racial profiling, like Arizona’s SB1070, are popping up across the country? Or why so many—mostly white—people in Murrieta, California are coming out in droves, holding signs and chanting racist slurs, to prevent youth escaping humanitarian crises from entering the U.S.?

  • Attention College Students Interested in Entertainment Industry Careers

    Eager to kick-start your career in the entertainment industry and not sure where to begin? Whether you’re headed towards a career in journalism, television or film, NHMC MediaCon on Thursday, March 27, 2014 can be a bridge to get there.

    2014 NHMC MediaCon,  taking Latinos to the next level in the entertainment industry a current student, I understand the pressure to figure out what you want to do after graduating, and how difficult it can be to do what you need to do get there, and how to plan ahead. NHMC MediaCon has provided me with invaluable opportunities to hear from top network executives, writers and producers discussing trends in the entertainment industry.