• Attention College Students Interested in Entertainment Industry Careers

    Eager to kick-start your career in the entertainment industry and not sure where to begin? Whether you’re headed towards a career in journalism, television or film, NHMC MediaCon on Thursday, March 27, 2014 can be a bridge to get there.

    2014 NHMC MediaCon,  taking Latinos to the next level in the entertainment industry a current student, I understand the pressure to figure out what you want to do after graduating, and how difficult it can be to do what you need to do get there, and how to plan ahead. NHMC MediaCon has provided me with invaluable opportunities to hear from top network executives, writers and producers discussing trends in the entertainment industry.

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    Nurturing the Next Generation for an Equal and Inclusive Tomorrow

    internetvoicesGrowing up, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, January 15, was extra special for me. Not only do I share Dr. King’s birthday, his story was one of the few elementary school lessons I can remember in which the “hero” was a person of color. I remember no lessons about Latin@ heroes.

  • Latinos: The FCC Is Coming to Oakland

    internetvoicesDid you know that decisions made at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can directly improve or impede all Americans’ access–including the Latino community–to the technology and information that they need for employment and educational opportunities, as well as for their health and well-being?

  • NHMC Writers Program Alumni at the Latino Scene Showcase, paving the way for more Latinos in Hollywood

    Paving the Way for More Latinos in Hollywood

    NHMC Writers Program Alumni

    NHMC Writers Program Alumni

    It’s no secret to anyone that, despite notable progress, Hollywood still lacks adequate Latino inclusion in its programming and employment.

    Imagine being an aspiring Latina/o filmmaker, actor or writer growing up in Inglewood, Washington Heights, Hialeah, or Omaha. The chances of “making it” are slim for anyone, but not everyone has a fair and equal shot at making it. The problem is not just casting directors at television networks or film studios, but also that managers and agents are not tapping into the places where Latino actors and writers thrive; and as a result of limited access, many Latinos and other people of color are excluded.

  • Guest Post: “They Can Do That on TV?!”

    By Monica Trasandes, Director of Spanish-Language Media at GLAAD. This was originally posted on GLAAD’s blog

    Monica Trasandes, GLAAD’s Director of Spanish-Language Media

    For many years a show aired twice a day, in the afternoon then again in the early evening and nationwide, in cities with large Latino populations. It was, for a quick comparison, like Jerry Springer only worse, if you can imagine.