• Alex Nogales, Phil Griffin, and Enrique Acevedo on the stage at NAHJ's 2014 convention

    At NAHJ Convention, NHMC Speaks Out on Lack of Latino Visibility in News

    Alex Nogales, Phil Griffin, and Enrique Acevedo on the stage at NAHJ's 2014 convention

    Enrique Acevedo, Phil Griffin, and Alex Nogales (Credit: George Torres [@UrbanJibaro])

    Watching the news, you wouldn’t know that Latinos are more than 17% of the population. The lack of inclusion and inaccurate coverage of our community in news has harmful effects. So what can be done?

    To speak about ways to increase Latino visibility in the news, NHMC President and CEO Alex Nogales joined MSNBC president Phil Griffin in a panel on the importance of diversity in leading news outlets at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists‘ (NAHJ) annual convention held last week. The panel was moderated by Univision news anchor Enrique Acevedo.

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    Dear President Obama: Thank You For Speaking Up For The Open Internet

    Today, NHMC joined dozens of other organizations to thank President Obama for strong words in defense of an Open Internet earlier this week. The President took a stand against paid prioritization deals that would benefit “wealthy media companies” at the expense of “the next Google or the next Facebook.”

  • Protests in Murrieta, California

    The Way We Are Perceived Is How We Will Be Treated

    Editor’s Note: This was originally published in Spanish on

    Protests in Murrieta, California

    Immigrants’ rights advocates in Murrieta, California

    Have you ever wondered why, despite overwhelming support, immigration reform still hasn’t been passed? Or why anti-immigrant laws that permit racial profiling, like Arizona’s SB1070, are popping up across the country? Or why so many—mostly white—people in Murrieta, California are coming out in droves, holding signs and chanting racist slurs, to prevent youth escaping humanitarian crises from entering the U.S.?